There are so many movers on GSA’s list. How do I choose?

It’s hard to know which mover is right for you. To help you out, we created a cheat sheet of questions that you should ask moving companies to help you make your choice.

I have made my choice: How do I request JK Moving Services as my carrier?

Simply use the designation code JKMS when meeting with your agency relocation counselor.

What are my entitlements when I’m relocating?

For household goods, you are entitled to the cost of transportation of your household goods and personal effects:

  • You are entitled to a pre-move survey and weight estimate
  • Based on your service grade, you are entitled to ship a maximum of 18,000 pounds of household goods and personal effects and the Government will pay for them to be shipped
  • You are entitled to have your household goods shipment released at full value protection
  • You are entitled to temporary storage of your household goods and personal effects
  • Privately Owned Vehicle (POV): Under certain conditions you may be entitled to the cost of transportation of a POV in connection with a transfer of duty station when it is advantageous and cost effective to the Government. Check with your Relocation Counselor
  • Unaccompanied Air Baggage (UAB): Under certain conditions you may be entitled to the cost of transportation of UAB in connection with a transfer of duty station. Check with your Relocation Counselor

What is a pre-move survey and weight estimate?

A pre-move survey is conducted by a JK move consultant who comes to your home to estimate the shipment and weight of your belongings and determines the type and amount of packing materials, containers, and trucks needed to move you. At this time, you’ll want to tell your JK professional about any special requirements you have or any high-value items (high value furniture, electronics, antiques, artwork, etc.) that you might have.

Is there a weight limit on my shipment of which the government will pay?

Yes. The weight limit for shipments of household goods is up to 18,000 pounds, based on your service grade.

What household goods can I ship?

You may ship all personal property and effects that belong to you and your immediate family. Ask your Relocation Counselor for specific details.

What article(s) may not be shipped at the government’s expense?

There are certain items that the government will not allow you to ship at their expense, including:

  • Objects that don’t belong to you or your immediate family, such as a sofa for your brother or a painting for a friend
  • Boats or their parts, such as out­ board motors, airplanes or gliders, camper trailers, farming vehicles
  • Major vehicle replacement parts, such as the engine of a car or truck
  • Live animals
  • Firewood, building materials
  • Property for resale, disposal, or commercial use rather than for use by you or your immediate family, such as a line of cosmetics that you sell

Are there items that I should not ship?

JK has a list of items that we recommend you not ship including family heirlooms, photographs, photo albums, snapshots, and personal sentimental items and any hazardous materials. Refer to JK’s list of what not to ship. Please note: JK will NOT ship jewelry, hazardous materials, ammunition or cash/currency.

How do I arrange my pickup and delivery dates?

Simply call your Relocation Counselor. He or she will schedule your move and make sure everyone is there on time.

What is valuation?

Valuation is the total worth of your shipment.

Is valuation included?

Yes. A basic level of valuation or protection is included. Your shipment will be automatically valued at a base value, which may vary depending on your specific agency. As an example, let’s use a base value of $5.00 times the actual shipment weight in pounds. Under this base value, if your shipment weighs 10,000 pounds, then the total released value of your shipment would be $50,000. You may specifically elect a higher total value. Check with your Relocation Counselor for more details.

Will the $5.00 base liability be enough valuation?

Only you can determine the value of your household goods. You can check your homeowner’s insurance policy to determine the value of your household goods. JK Moving Services also provides extra protection, which is available to you for purchase through JKCares. Your JK move coordinator can also talk with you about JKCares.

Who is liable if my shipment is lost or damaged?

JK is liable if loss or damage occurred while your shipment is in our custody or with one of our suppliers.

What are accessorial services?

Accessorial services include such services as packing, unpacking, crating, appliance servicing, and any other service that is not part of the line-haul services necessary to complete the move.

Am I entitled to put my goods in storage?

Yes, if authorized by your agency. Your household goods may be temporarily stored initially up to 90 days at our SIT approved facilities in Virginia or Maryland or at one of our supplier’s facilities around the world. If you need more temporary storage, you may be granted an additional 90 days by your agency. Contact your Relocation Counselor for instructions on how to request the additional storage time.

Who pays for temporary storage charges?

The government will arrange and pay for authorized temporary storage for up to 90 days. Some agencies will extend for an additional 90 days (180 days total). Check with your agency representative.

What happens if my household goods are still in storage after the temporary storage time expires?

If your goods are not removed by midnight on the 180th day, the warehouse is considered the destination of your property, the government stops paying for your storage, the facility where your goods are stored becomes the agent for the property owner, and your property is subject to the rules, regulations, and charges set by the warehouse. If you think you are going to need storage beyond 180 days, call your move coordinator and he or she will help you figure out the best solution for your needs.

How is the actual weight of my household goods shipment determined?

Our truck will be weighed before and after loading to determine the weight of your shipment. The “net” weight of your shipment only will be the weight on which charges will be based.

Can I watch the weighing of my household goods?

Absolutely. Just ask us.

What if there is more than one shipment on the moving van?

There may be one or more shipments on board the truck before your goods are loaded, but the weight of those shipments will be deducted from the weight listed on your weight ticket to ensure that the government is only billed for your shipment’s weight.

Who unloads and unpacks my household goods?

It depends. If you’re making a move within the DC area, JK crews will unload your goods. If you’re moving outside the local area, it’s likely that one of our trusted partner crews will unpack your goods.

Should I be there when the moving company unloads and unpacks my household goods?

You should be there to accept your delivery. Or you can designate a friend, family member or spouse to accept your goods for you, however, someone must be at your home to accept your goods.

What happens if something is lost or damaged?

JK prides itself on having one of the lowest claims rates in the industry. But in the off-chance that loss or damage occurs, we make it easy to make a claim. Simply list the loss or damage on your DD1850 form. Sign your name to the form, and make sure your move manager signs the document as well. You will keep a copy of this document. Next, download and submit our claims forms. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call your JK move coordinator. The sooner you submit the forms, the sooner we can reimburse you, fix, or replace the lost or damaged item.

How can I rate your performance?

The GSA wants you to rate our performance. We do too—we love hearing from our customers. Simply complete the GSA Form 3080 after your move and follow the directions on the form for submission. You can even download a form from our website.

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