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Let’s face it, moving is disruptive. And there is absolutely no time in your schedule for downtime.

That’s why JK works to minimize disruption before, during, and after your move. We have pioneered solutions that take hours off of your packing, loading, moving, and unpacking time. The result: moves take less time and you and your employees can get back to work.

GSA rates on file for office moving services for
government agencies.

  • Expert planning with an IOMI certified Move Team
  • Professional moving by 9-star IOMI certified crews
  • The Boxless Move®, the greenest and most efficient way to move
  • Special equipment and customized solutions to minimize disruption
  • Custom packing solutions for computers, servers, data rooms, and electronics
  • Disassembly, moving, and installation of all modular furniture systems
  • Recycling of unwanted office furniture and electronic document shredding
  • Record retention and information management

Government coordination teams. Our Move Teams are certified by IOMI®—
(The International Office Moving Institute) the world’s only university for office
6_2_1_inset_1moving. Our moving professionals will create a customized plan for your office, making sure schedules are made, deadlines are met, and that everyone is on the same page. They’re available 24/7 to answer your questions and guide you throughout the logisctics of your office move.

IOMI certified crews. All of our crews have gone through IOMI’s rigorous training. They know everything there is to know about moving desks, computers, filing cabinets, artwork, office furniture, electronics, and servers. Read more.

6_2_1_inset_2The Boxless Move®. Stackable plastic containers are a great alternative to cardboard because they can hold more items and provide a greater level of protection, and they’re reusable. The containers are stacked as you packed onto a system dolly, a highly efficient way of moving your organization in a shorter timeframe, so there’s less downtime.
Read more.

Equipment that minimizes downtime. JK uses specialized equipment to efficiently move filing cabinets and desks, eliminating the need to pack and unpack, saving your agency time, and from the likelihood of misplacing or losing files. Learn more about our Spider Cranes and Space Gobblers, and see them in action. Read more.

Computers, servers, data centers, and electronics. Our highly trained technical crews are IOMI certified, and have learned exactly how to safely and efficiently pack, load and move high value electronics, servers, and data rooms, freeing up your IT staff to focus on getting everyone connected at your new space. We also have dedicated tech teams that will work with your IT team to disconnect and reconnect your electronics. Read more.

Moving of modular systems furniture. JK has specialized crews dedicated to disassembling, moving, and installing modular furniture systems, ensuring efficient and proper installation.

6_2_1_inset_5Storage of office assets. JK maintains over 400,000 sq. ft. of government-approved secure storage space, which is slightly bigger than eight football fields. With 24-hour security, and a climate-controlled area, JK offers the best solution for your agency’s assets and documents. Here, your assets get the same white-glove treatment we’ve provided to several U.S. Presidents, ambassadors, and more. Read more.

Records, data storage, shredding, and destruction. We store files and back-up tapes in a highly secure, yet accessible manner, for a fraction of the cost of self-storage or storing them at your agency’s office space. Our fireproof media vault provides the ultimate in security for classified documents, as well as backup and media tapes. JK Records also offers tailored shredding programs, where mass quantities of classified documents can be shredded and recycled in short order. Certificates of destruction can be provided upon request. Read more.

Furniture and electronics recycling. JK has an entire network of charitable organizations that will put your unwanted office furniture to good use. Our eCycle program can also take your old, unusable electronics, recycle the parts that can be reused, and destroy the parts that cannot. Read more.

We have moved $200,000,000 worth of equipment with 0 claims: we are the go-to mover for office electronics and servers.

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Social Security Administration

Tony J. — ...JK did a wonderful job in placing the furniture the first time. They truly provide stellar customer service. 




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