Moves Requiring Extra Care


For most, moves are stressful. But for some families with special situations, the stress that comes from moving can seem insurmountable. JK has the experience and the knowledge to ease the transition for families with special situations. We know that this isn't just about moving boxes; it's about moving people and moving lives.


Moving senior citizens.

2_3_5_inset_2Moving from the home you have always known to a retirement community or an assisted living facility can be one of life's most stressful situations. The seniors themselves go through a myriad of emotions; and it's even hard on the adult children and caregivers, who often experience a great amount of guilt when they decide to move a relative to a more suitable abode. Often times, seniors have spent decades in their homes—places where they raised their families and made lifelong friends. Even though seniors and family members know they need to downsize for practical reasons, it's hard to let go. Usually, seniors cannot take everything with them, and making decisions between which sentimental items to take and which ones to give away makes the situation even more stressful. JK Moving Services has worked with so many families. And even though we can't box up all the emotions that go with moving from the homestead to a senior facility, we work hard to make these kinds of transitions easy on our clients and on their families. Read more.

Working with people with disabilities.

2_3_5_inset_1For some, schedule, order, and consistency are not just necessary in the home, they're mandatory just to get through the day. Everyone knows that having your entire life in boxes spread throughout your house is stressful. But then when you have to navigate those boxes with a medical or special condition —the stress of moving can seem unreal. For people with challenges, we know that moving to a new space can sometimes seem impossible. That's why we have entire teams dedicated to working with people with special needs and their families to help lessen the burden that moving can bring. Read more.

Additional ways JK can help.

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Hanging drapes, artwork, and ceiling fans
  • Setting up furniture, appliances, and electronics
  • Handling and moving critical equipment
  • Picking up all debris so the space is clear and clean
  • Creating plans to keep spaces as clear as possible
  • Padding property and furniture in such a way that it's still accessible
  • Padding and protection for elevators and ramps;
  • Extra ramps and special flooring protection for accessibility

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Lynda N.

I can’t say thank you enough to the wonderful trio of gentlemen who assisted me today with my move from Reston to Virginia...


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