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In theory, self storage is great. That is, of course, until you have to find a truck big enough to haul all your stuff, pack all your stuff into the truck, drive it over the storage place, and then safely unload everything into self storage, which may or may not be clean or secure—all without breaking your back.


JK Valet is the perfect alternative to self storage. It’s easy to use, and it won’t break your budget, or your back. JK provides you with a portable, durable, secure solid metal storage solution that we deliver to your door. You pack and load your items. Keep your valet on your property for easy access or we will pick up your valet and store it at our secure, well-maintained facilities. Should you need anything from your valet stored at our facilities, you can have access to it whenever you want.

You can use JK Valet to:

  • Unclutter your home to stage it for buyers
  • Store patio furniture, the faux Christmas tree, and other seasonal items
  • Get those file boxes out of your home office
  • Store inherited furniture that you cannot part with, just yet
  • Save sentimental things for your kids
  • If you’re a hobbyist, store your supplies

JK Valet features.

  • 7’ by 7’ by 7’4”
  • 300 cubic feet interior space—roughly the size of a generous walk-in closet
  • Secure, sturdy, weatherproof
  • Delivered to your curb
  • Flat month-to-month pricing; no fuel charge
  • May be stored at our meticulously maintained, moisture-free facilities with 24-hour surveillance, motion sensors, fire protection
  • Or, you can keep it at your home as long as you need

JK Valet portable storage pricing:

Monthly fee:

Delivery fee:

$115 per JK Valet storage unit

Up to 2 Valets ─ $95 (flat fee)
3 or more Valets ─ $95 each

Tips for using JK Valet portable storage.

These handy tips will ensure your portable storage experience meets your expectations.

Pack items using the correct materials. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, furniture wrap, boxes, packaging tape and more are available at our online moving and storage store. Also refer to our packing tips for ideas on the best packing practices.

Create a load plan. Place the items to which you’ll need access closer to the front. For example, keepsakes, such as baby items your children have outgrown should go towards the back of the valet; while your seasonal winter clothing should go nearest the door.

Think about where you’re placing your items. Heavier items should be loaded on the floor and evenly distributed around the valet. Be aware that the size of an object or box has nothing to do with its weight. A large box containing a lightweight oversized lampshade could be crushed by a smaller box containing heavy books.

Make a list. If you have multiple valets, create an inventoried list of all items so that you know where your boxes are.

Think vertical. As a general rule, most items are stronger when they’re on their vertical plane, as opposed to horizontal. Dishes should be packed on edge, sofas should stand up in the valet on end, and tables on edge. Packing vertically will also help conserve space.

To order a JK Valet today call 703-260-3040.

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