Office Move Planning


We work hard to minimize disruption before, during, and after your move. That starts with exceptional planning from your very own commercial move coordination team.


Rely on these experts to provide you with whatever you’ll need to make a smooth transition, including an onsite visit, where they can see your space and assets and provide an accurate estimate and pricing, a customized moving plan, and tips on everything from packing, to insurance, and more.

Preparing employees and colleagues for the move.

JK will provide onsite training, as well as a number of tips to help you and your employees get ready for the move. But there are steps you can take even before that to help ease the transition for everyone.

1. As soon as you know your new location, give your employees the address, phone number, travel directions, and information on the nearest subway or bus route.

2. Provide a map showing what’s nearby, such as restaurants, cafes, and gyms.

3. Give employees a simple floor plan, showing the new office’s amenities, key common areas, rest rooms, lunch and break rooms, copy and mail rooms, and their new office.

4. Encourage employees to drive by to see the new space, if possible.

5. Talk to them about the Boxless Move, and about how JK’s Spider Cranes, Space Gobblers, and Compuwrap system work.

6. Distribute a copy of JK Moving Service’s commercial moving tips to all employees.

We’ll help you focus on job number one: your job.

We can manage every aspect of your relocation while you tend to business as usual. Our professional project management team will employ our proprietary methods to safely move more items per trip with our Boxless Move. We also offer methods that don’t require you to unpack and re-file things like desks and filing cabinets. As a result, you and your employees are able to get packed, moved, and back to work quicker than you would if you had used another mover.

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