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JK’s fleet of trucks is truly state of the art. Each truck comes with the very latest air-ride suspension system to provide maximum cushioning despite bumps in the road, as well as the latest GPS technology for easy tracking.


With all of your treasured belongings, and high expectations riding on our trucks, we maintain our fleet in-house to ensure the best performance. It's just one of the reasons why we maintain the best load times in the business.

Our load times are 99% on time—one of the best in the business.

  • State of the art equipment and trucks provide dependable transportation from coast to coast.
  • Trucks come in different sizes and different designs. We choose the trucks that will work best for your move. For example, different trucks are used for residential moves where everything is loaded curbside versus commercial moves,where everything might be loaded via a loading dock. Additionally, a certain type of truck might be used for a personmoving on a narrow city street, while a different truck might be employed for someone living off a country road.
  • Trucks come with a GPS tracking device, making JK the first and only residential mover to offer tracking. Find out where your belongings are, while they're still in the continental U.S., whenever you want.
  • Take a look inside your truck once it arrives. You'll find it to be very clean and well maintained. Also rest assured that extra trucks are reserved for your move date, just in case something out of our control happens.

Our trucks tread lightly on the planet.

Maintaining our trucks in-house also gives JK Moving the greatest control over how we conserve our resources. JK Moving's aggressive fleet reuse program includes:

  • Re-treaded tires on trucks ensures optimal use of fuel
  • Reuse of engine oil for heating at maintenance facility
  • Recycling of batteries for both vehicles and forklifts
  • Recycle of anti-freeze
  • All trucks purchased since inception exceed existing emissions standards via industry partnerships with Volvo and Freightliner
  • Intermodal (rail) transport used for long hauls when feasible
  • Upgraded power units (on tractor trailers) with environmentally friendly generators to drastically reduce idling
  • Use of ultra low sulfur diesel to reduce vehicle emissions



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