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We didn't wake up one day and suddenly become experts on residential, commercial, international, and government moves, and the science of move management. It took the right people and training. Consequentially, we have teams dedicated for specific types of moves.


1_2_1_inset_2When it comes to residential moving training facilities, JK is second to none. We built a two-story home right in our warehouse, which boasts three bedrooms, two bathrooms, real carpeting, furniture, and fixtures, as well as wallpaper, artwork, a well-stocked kitchen, and closets full of clothing. The facility also has a standard-size moving truck, and a state-of-the-art classroom. JK movers-in-training are required to complete hours of classroom time, as well as hours of hands-on time, where they learn how to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Crews are also taught how to properly prep critical areas of the home for maximum protection.


JK’s commercial moving crews are trained by IOMI®, The International Office Moving Institute, the world's only university for office moving. Our commercial crews are required to attend hours of training, where they learn how to properly prep critical areas of an office building, as well as how to wrap, pack, and load computers and other high-value electronics. Crew members learn our Boxless Move methods, the most efficient way to move an office known to man.

JK is the only 9-time IOMI certified moving company in the U.S.


1_2_1_inset_1JK Moving Services is proud to be one of 50 U.S. companies certified by FIDI/FAIM (FIDI-accredited International Mover). This means that our international crews and staff have gone through FIDI's rigorous training, where they learned how to properly pack and load items for a safe overseas journey, as well as U.S. shipping laws various customs regulations of just about every country across the globe.


When it comes to move training for government moves, there are no industry guidelines. So we created our own. Every agency has specific requirements. So all of our government move teams are trained to know the ins and outs of every contract, as well as regulations of other governments when it comes to moving items overseas. JK even wrote the book on proper palletization, showing crew members the right ways to evenly distribute goods throughout a container to ensure maximum protection.

Move management.

Every relocation is different, and every corporation and government agency does it differently. That's why JK developed its own training programs depending on the contract. Auditors are trained on tariffs, and learn how to keep a close watch on suppliers to ensure prices are right and charges are correct. When it comes to moving, crew members are trained to know the proper ways to pack, load, and move people down the street, across the country, and around the world.


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