Commercial Moving, Made Easy

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When choosing a commercial mover, you must balance cost against potential disruption to find the best value for your business. How much do you spend now to avoid loss of business later, both during and after your move? At JK, we help customers balance price and productivity to ensure a move that’s good for business.


JK commercial moves begin and end with our customer. No matter what your workplace or industry, we’ll work to understand your needs and expectations, and tailor a service and relocation schedule that accounts for them.

With a dedicated on-site manager for your move, plus a team of highly trained moving specialists with combined decades of experience, our customers benefit from the most coordinated and transparent move available today.

And because JK employs the industry’s latest technologies—including the Boxless Move® and Spider Crane® that dramatically reduce waste and unpacking upon arrival—our commercial customers are positioned to get back to work quickly, with little to no residual business interruption.


JK is a truly full-service commercial moving company. We offer a suite of services to help customers manage the archiving, disposal, or storage of anything that isn’t a fit in their new space. And, we do this all while maintaining the security, digital accessibility, and organization for the long term.

By housing digital storage with your commercial moving company, you save time, money, and project management.


Make sure your business keeps moving even while working with a commercial mover you can trust. Contact JK to learn about the best in office moving.


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